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Unpacked Project

Anti-Racism Education

Miranda McDaniel and Noelle DeLaCruz


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At the Unpacked project we work to Challenge and change the narratives we often hear around racial and social justice.

We believe this work is our responsibility and that knowledge is power.

We believe that even though uncomfortable, change will come.

And as heavy as this work can be, we believe in continually showing up as our genuine and authentic selves. 

Non conforming, Humble & Humorous. 
Are you ready to elevate your advocacy and expand your activism?

We have a new resource for you! Check out “More than Just An Ally”, an infoguide designed to help you unpack how to navigate resistance, use your privilege for change, and conspire to build an equitable and just world.

Tap the image to get your infoguide today.

More Than Just An Ally Cover

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"If you have come to help me you are wasting your time.

But if you have come because your liberation is tied up in mine,

then let us work together."


-Lilla Watson

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