In celebration of Pride this month, we’re raising awareness of the disproportionate and often devastating outcomes for LGBTQ+ youth. 

In comparison to heterosexual peers, LGB youth are almost 3x more likely to seriously contemplate suicide and almost 5x more likely to have attempted suicide. Furthermore, approximately 40% of transgender adults reported having made a suicide attempt, and 92% of these individuals reported attempting suicide before the age of 25. 


Here at The Unpacked Project, we believe that with advocacy and action, we can come together to show LGBTQ+ youth they are not alone. 100% of the proceeds raised will go to The Trevor Project, where funds will help maintain and expand digital crisis services, train volunteers, and continue their work with policymakers. We hope that you’ll join us in support by clicking the link  below to help save young lives in honor of Pride month.

Our vision is a world in which we all challenge barriers to equity and take action towards a more compassionate and inclusive future. All contributions are used to support the research, production, and operating costs of The Unpacked Project. We are truly thankful for your generosity.